What We Offer

As a leading Learning Management System (LMS)

we offer an innovative online platform dedicated to teaching parents and children together about child safety, awareness, abduction prevention, and self-defense. We offer specialized online training.

The Benefits of Child Safety Training

Confidence Boost: Learning self-defense techniques boosts children’s confidence and self-esteem. It gives them a sense of empowerment, knowing they can protect themselves if necessary.

Safety Awareness: Our training heightens children’s awareness of their surroundings and potential dangers. It teaches them to assess risks, recognize warning signs, and make informed decisions to stay safe.

Empowerment: Child safety training empowers children to assert their boundaries and stand up for themselves. It teaches them to advocate for their safety and well-being physically and emotionally.

Problem-Solving Skills: It encourages children to think critically and solve problems under pressure. It enhances their ability to assess situations, make quick decisions, and take appropriate action.

What Our Child Safety Training Program Offers

Our child safety training program for children is comprehensive, age-appropriate, and engaging. It focuses on:

Basic Self-Defense Techniques: Children learn practical self-defense techniques tailored to their age and abilities. These techniques focus on simple and effective ways to defend themselves against physical threats.

Situational Awareness: We emphasize the importance of situational awareness in self-defense training. Children learn to assess their surroundings, recognize potential dangers, and trust their instincts.

Boundary-Setting: Children learn to assert their boundaries and say no to unwanted advances. They understand the need to set boundaries and advocate for their safety.

De-escalation Techniques: We teach children how to de-escalate conflicts and diffuse potentially dangerous situations. They learn communication skills and strategies to resolve conflicts peacefully.

Role-Playing and Scenarios: Our training includes role-playing exercises and real-life scenarios to help children practice self-defense skills in a safe and supportive environment. They gain hands-on experience and confidence in applying what they’ve learned.

Our Approach

Child safety training at Child Safety Academy is rooted in the revolutionary SPEAR SYSTEM™, the world’s leading behaviorally based close self-defense system. Our approach combines science, psychology, and biomechanics to enhance personal defense through hard-wired reflexes, empowering individuals to detect, intercept, and defend against sudden threats effectively.

At Child Safety Academy, we offer diverse resources, including training videos, PowerPoint presentations, and workbooks, to ensure a dynamic and engaging learning experience for parents and children.

Combining interactive multimedia elements with hands-on activities creates a supportive environment where families can learn together and reinforce important safety concepts.

Our flexible training modules allow you to learn at your own pace and fit safety education into your busy schedule. Whether you’re a parent looking to enhance your child’s safety skills or a child eager to learn how to protect yourself, Child Safety Academy has you covered.

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